CloudtoShare Partnership

We are happy to provide you information about the Partner Onboarding Program of CloudtoShare. As you know CloudtoShare is building a new Salesforce Consulting Partnership. Our Partner Application is in the compliance review phase with Salesforce. We expect to finalise this phase in may and will enter the provisional status within Salesforce.


CloudtoShare is increasing her Salesforce knowledge level with certified Salesforce professionals. We will work on our first customers together with our partners and create our own story. We will document the first projects and prepare our go to market model as a consulting partner. In the end of this process we will be ready to become a registered consulting partner.



We are increasing our knowledge level with certifed Salesforce professionals. This will be an ongoing process and mandatory for becoming and a recognised and official Salesforce partner. 

  • We register our expertise with our CloudtoShare Salesforce org in the Salesforce Partner Community
  • We fuel our Solution requests services with expertise and success will be financially compensated.
  • We help our clients to achieve the maximum result out of their Salesforce platform by offering our expertise in a flexible way.

Partner Fee

We will pay Salesforce the program fee yearly. For the first year this will start probably at the entrance level of € 1.000. Our company will be reviewed each year by Salesforce for partner status and fees.

  • Building a consultancy practise takes time and highly motivated professionals who are commited to the partnership and to each other.
  • CloudtoShare will boost the partnership of Salesforce by investing time and paying the partner fee.
  • We work on a profit sharing model model for partners who contribute in success and the yearly partner fee.

Our Story

With our first clients we will start writing our story and share it with the client and with Salesforce. This will make it easy for us to tell our story and create our go to market model together.

  • We volunteer by investing time in our strategic activities to create evidence that we can share in the market place.
  • CloudtoShare select the best cases with our partners in the selected markets and will give this our full dedication to establish our story.
  • We share our story in how we work and realize dreams for our clients and each others by providing services.

Partner Membership

 As a co-owner of the partnership you will drive together with the partners the global development at CloudtoShare. At our global partner meetings we fine tune our Partner strategy and business support. We will work with the Salesforce Partner Community of Salesforce where we have tools to manage our partnership witin Salesforce. We use our Salesforce org to work on leads, opportunities and projects together with our partners. We develop an unique way of sharing expertise, tools, work, revenue and cost between all our partners. Alltough we have some basic elements we are customing this to create a personal experience to unlock our full potential.

CloudtoShare needs to pay an entry level fee to Salesforce of € 1000. We have set the Partner Membership for the first year at € 100 for each partner as we will have a maximum of 10 partners. We will close the partner membership registration when our partner team is completed. Feel free to schedule a call with CloudtoShare if you have additional questions about the partner membership.

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