About Us


Cloud Technology offers new possibilities to share information and organize work. We help you with flexible services when implementing Salesforce CRM, the global leader in Cloud based CRM software. We provide consultations, support requests and stimulate your project with expertise. Start working with us today and unlock your growth potential.


CloudtoShare offers high-quality Salesforce expertise that is shared in a flexible way through her consultancy company. In 2010 we started with Salesforce. First as a Super User and quickly rolled in Salesforce administration, consultancy and project management. 

Patrick van Deursen is the founder of CloudtoShare. Started in 2010 with a consultancy practise and is a certified Salesforce professional. With 25 years of experience a specialization in digital business processes and Salesforce CRM.



CloudtoShare has developed a modern flexible way of working with the CloudtoShare community. We offer you high-quality services through our development company and work with continous improvement. CloudtoShare is also connected to the worldwide Salesforce community.