10 March 2019
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03 March 2019
Super Easy and Be More Productive - Integrate your e-mail in your CRM system now.

16 February 2019
Kickstart your growth path and develop with like-minded people from our community. We help each other in the development of knowledge and in the execution of projects!

18 October 2018
Unlock productivity using AI-powerd insights and recommendations from Einstein Discovery.

06 October 2018
Talk to Salesforce with Einstein Voice Assistant. Get briefings, make updates, and open dashboards.

03 July 2018
As of 1 July 2018 I am affiliated with Cloud-Integrate. This week we had the first inspiring work meeting at Cloud Integrate with founder Hugo Obertop and Business Analyst Poonam Desia-Sirdeshmuhk.

21 June 2018
Create your Look and Feel with Salesforce Themes and Branding.

14 June 2018
Optimise you Sales Process with Kanban and Sales Path for guidance for success.