06 May 2020
CloudtoShare joined the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program in 2019 and is since May 1, 2020 an official Salesforce Partner. The Partnership with Salesforce will reinforce our Salesforce Consulting activities. It will bring additional services for our clients where we assist in Salesforce implementations

22 May 2019
We are exited to inform you about our new name CloudtoShare and our new office in Eindhoven. Our business names ICSE and Cloudforce have been changed into CloudtoShare as it reflects better our business activities. We share our Cloud expertise in a flexible way with our clients.

30 April 2019
Convert more leads faster with Salesforce Einstein Lead Scoring. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze your historical sales data and discover the top factors that determine whether a lead is likely to convert to an opportunity.

05 April 2019
Accelerate your Sales with Einstein Analytics. Let your data do the work for you and increase your sales revenue. With Einstein Analytics you create more insights in your data.

10 March 2019
Kickstart your Salesforce Growth Path and develop with like minded people.

03 March 2019
Super Easy and Be More Productive - Integrate your e-mail in your CRM system now.

16 February 2019
Kickstart your growth path and develop with like-minded people from our community. We help each other in the development of knowledge and in the execution of projects!

18 October 2018
Unlock productivity using AI-powerd insights and recommendations from Einstein Discovery.

06 October 2018
Talk to Salesforce with Einstein Voice Assistant. Get briefings, make updates, and open dashboards.

03 July 2018
As of 1 July 2018 I am affiliated with Cloud-Integrate. This week we had the first inspiring work meeting at Cloud Integrate with founder Hugo Obertop and Business Analyst Poonam Desia-Sirdeshmuhk.

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