Optimize your Sales Process with Kanban and Sales Path for guidance for success

 Brake you sales process into phases and describe the activities for each phase. Share your personal experience and create together your sales process. With Kanban view you will be able to visualise you sales process and phases. With Sales Path you will be able to guide your user along the process with important information. It will help you moving opportunities forward and closing more deals. Salesforce Lightning enables you with these features more productivity. It is also an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction by continues improvements. Get in touch with a Salesforce consultant and learn from best practises.



ICSE is a flexible community that offers flexible professionals new ways of working The flexible professionals strengthen each other in the development of entrepreneurship and the implementation of projects. They share this knowledge, experience and skills with each other and with customers. ICSE started with Salesforce Classic in 2011 and migrated to Salesforce Lightning in 2017.