Get more results with flexible services

CloudtoShare helps you to get the maximum result from your Salesforce platform.


We help you with 25 years of CRM experience which over more then years with Salesforce, market leader in Cloud-based CRM.

Improve customer experience with real-time, actionable customer information from across your organization.


 CloudtoShare is as a Salesforce Partner trusted and certified by Salesforce to implement Salesforce CRM

Project Services

Do you have insufficient capacity, lack of Salesforce expertise or other barriers that slow you down? CloudtoShare stimulates projects and organizes expertise where it is lacking. An agile way of working that is continously adapted to the needs of your organization.


We solve your resource issues with flexible solutions. Subscribe now to CloudtoShare from 50 hours per month. You get high quality Salesforce expertise. This gives more flexibility and also interesting cost advantages. 

Solution Services

We add Salesforce expertise to organizations where expertise or capacity is lacking. We work agile and deliver tailor-made solutions for organizations. We are experienced in working with all parties in the Salesforce ecosystem: the end users, Salesforce and Salesforce Partners.


We analyze business requirements and design effective solutions. We serve you with our Salesforce expertise. We help you with consultations, support requests and fuel your project with expertise. 




We customize your Salesforce Platform based on your unique business processes. We create success through a seamless connection between your organisation and employees with your business processes and customers.



We automate and personalise tasks that has to be done every time again. We save time for you, realise cost savings and create more effective ways of working with the Salesforce Platform.




We implement your digital strategy and Salesforce solutions. With an Agile way of working we sharpen insights in daily practice. Smaller successful projects lead to the desired project results.


Salesforce Implementation


Our consultants help you from strategy and key performance indicators to Salesforce solutions and activities. We open up opportunities for growth with a fresh external view and improve your Customer Experience.

Salesforce Consultant


We develop tailor-made solutions for your organization where standard functionalities are insufficient. We ensure that your digital solution fits in perfectly with your work process.



Salesforce Developer


If you have insufficient capacity or a lack of expertise of Salesforce, we will gladly help you to solve these issues. We help you start, maintain and configure the Salesforce platform for your organization and employees.



Salesforce Partner Eindhoven


If you find that you need additional knowledge, we are happy to help. We train your salesforce users and administrators so that they quickly become more effective with Salesforce. We provide hands-on training online or at your location.


Salesforce Partner Eindhoven


In practice it often turns out that a data migration requires extra knowledge and experience. Salesforce has excellent migration tools for this, however, not everyone is familiar with these tools. We are happy to help you migrate your data to Salesforce.


Salesforce Partner Eindhoven

Increase performance with analytics

Increase performance with Einstein Analytics. Let your data do the work for you and increase your revenue. With Einstein Analytics you create more insights in your data. Your data will be analysed and based on the results you will recieve recommendations. It will be easier then ever to select and prioritise who you should nurture. Organizations have tons of information but often miss a systematic approach to turn their information into relevant insights and actions on a personal level. Salesforce CRM offers you a powerfull platform where you can connect with your relations in a whole new way. 

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