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Solution Services offers an extra opportunity to acquire expertise in projects. A request for solution (RFS) is formulated, for example for a new project or when an obstacle is found during a project. A request for solution is then translated into a request for proposal (RFP). Depending on the priority setting a solution proposal is made within a certain time frame consisting of a solution, activity list and time estimate. A solution proposal is evaluated and validated during a Salesforce review. Your Salesforce team then implements a Solution itself or in collaboration with CloudtoShare. We invite you to connect with CloudtoShare Solutions. Discover what we can do for you with solution services. 


Patrick: "Over the past 25 years I have worked with various CRM systems in various roles. In 2010 I started with Salesforce and as a project manager and consultant I realized many succesfull Salesforce implementations at multinational companies and SMEs. With CloudtoShare we now offer Solution Services in addition to Project Services. More options to achieve excellent quality with great Salesforce professionals who achieve more together."

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Let us know what you want to achieve with Salesforce and provide us with more information about your situation. We would like to know more about your solution request so that we can make a solution proposal for you. You will then be given the option to immediately schedule an online Salesforce Consultation with CloudtoShare or you can wait while we contact you. Share your challenges with us and connect with CloudtoShare Solutions. 

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CloudtoShare Solutions Services offers a unique flexible mix of high-quality Salesforce knowledge and capacity for your Salesforce implementation, Salesforce extensions and Salesforce improvements. The CloudtoShare Solution team consists of certified Salesforce Administrators, Salesforce Architects, Salesforce Consultants and Salesforce Developers. Below is an overview of the Salesforce certifications of the Solution Team of CloudtoShare. The CloudtoShare Solution team has access to the Solution Community of Salesforce professionals. This CloudtoShare Solution Community consists of more than 100 Salesforce professionals who work together from 15 different countries around the world. A great and inspiring group with a special potential.

Salesforce Consultant

Akshay:"I have been working with CloudtoShare from last 2 years as a Salesforce Consultant and it has been great working experience. It’s been filled with learning and growing with CloudtoShare. As a company CloudtoShare always thinks about customer and helps them in building a strong and reliable solution using Salesforce. CloudtoShare has expertise in working on multiple clouds such as Sales, Service and Community Cloud."

Vivian: "I've been engaged with CloudtoShare  as a Salesforce Developer since over a year. We started of gradually with small engagements and have evolved since then. I appreciate that solutions, decisions are taken based on partner's input thus ensuring a transparent 2 way communication. I currently see huge potential for growth. I believe in this engagement which helps us cater to delivering customer solutions in the least time and with the best quality."